What it Means to be a Fiduciary


You may have heard the term “fiduciary” in the news recently. It’s a term that has gained popularity as the regulatory environment continues to shift and evolve. But what exactly is a fiduciary, and why might someone choose to work with an advisor who holds themselves to a fiduciary standard? A fiduciary refers to a person or organization that is held to a higher standard of conduct and trust. It means that as financial advisors, we are ethically bound to act in your best interests, essentially putting your interests above our own. While the term has become more widespread lately, the concept is nothing new. Regardless of any regulatory body, we always work to represent you to ensure that the financial advice we provide is objective and unbiased, and that your unique needs are always our primary focus. It starts at the very beginning, when we work together to complete your financial profile. We work with you to understand your personal and financial goals, explore “what if” scenarios, and plan for the future. By working together in this way, we can give you a more thorough and informed financial strategy, and as life changes we will be there to ensure your plans are still on track. Being a fiduciary is about loyalty, honesty, and trust. These are the standards we hold ourselves to, and we always will.